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Aphrodite - Yoga Mat Strap

Aphrodite - Yoga Mat Strap


At the beginning of yoga class, our teachers invite us to set an intention, which you can carry through your practice and then off the mat into the rest of the day. This handwoven yoga carrier strap, like all things at Heddle & Hearth, was made with intention.  The intention to bring others joy through environmentally friendly handmade items. Made out of 100% raw natural cotton with maple wood, this carrier can be a fashionable and efficient way to carry your yoga mat to class without needing a bag.


Plus you could also use this same strap as a blanket or towel holder. The strap allows for adjustments to suit the size of the item it will be carrying, so it is versatile and will fit mostly any mat!


New colorways coming in December!



Handmade with intention

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