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Salacia - Himalayan Salt Charm

Salacia - Himalayan Salt Charm


Himalayan salt rocks are known for both their beauty and their reported therapeutic benefits. The negative ions produced by Himalayan salt help cleanse and purify indoor air, while also calming energies and enhancing moods. Hang this charm above your bed for a better night sleep or hang it in a window and watch the sunlight bounce off the salt, producing a warm glow and good vibes throughout the room. This simple macrame charm is as beautiful as its namesake Salacia, the nymph goddess of saltwater. 


Each salt rock and each macrame charm is uniquely one of a kind made with 100% food grade, pure Himalayan salt. The colors of the salt rocks differ with variations of pinks, oranges, white, and sometimes a little red. Due to their natural state, rocks will vary slightly in size and color. The length of the entire macrame hanging can either be 12" long or 20" long.  The size of the Himalayan salt is slightly larger in the 20" charm.


Handmade with intention

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