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Woman Owned  | |  Locally Made

Heddle & Hearth started as a hobby and turned into a passion. My mind has always worked mathematically, and while I was a creative problem solver, I never thought myself artistic — until I stumbled upon weaving. Like separate strands of fiber bound together, weaving unites my two sides — the logical and the creative. 

Heddles are the looped wires on a loom, through which the warp yarn is passed to essentially code the pattern. They appeal to my logical side. The hearth represents my home — where I feel most comfortable being creative with my yarns.

While I don’t work on my loom for smaller items, she is still a source of comfort and inspiration in my studio. (Yes, "she" — my loom is named Bernadette, and she’s a wonderful friend!)

When the world is crazy, the logical rhythm and creative process of weaving bring me both mental and spiritual peace. 

My items are all made with intention, ethically sourced; with a bit of logic and creativity. They're meant to be both useful and joyful, and I hope they bring some of that peace and comfort to your home as well.

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